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AND Corporation is pursuing partnerships, licensing and investment opportunities within application fields of the HNeT technology.  If you wish to receive information on issues concerning AND Corporation's business activities leave us a message.

John Sutherland developed the neuro-holographic process, as summarized under the Technology section on this website, and is President/Chief Technology Officer of AND Corporation.  John received his degree in Nuclear Engineering and prior to entering into the field of AI, was employed for 10 years in the design of nuclear reactor shutdown and control systems. John Sutherland

Since entering the field of Artificial Intelligence, John has been published extensively.  He has several chapters in the J. Wiley Textbook series on Sixth Generation Computing Technology, and principle contributor to “Fuzzy, Holographic and Parallel Intelligence, The Sixth Generation Breakthrough”, editor Branko Soucek.  In the related field of Quantum Consciousness, John has been published along with Prof. Carl Pribram and Sir Roger Penrose in “Scale in Conscious Experience; Is the Brain too important to be left only to Specialists to Study ?”