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Holographic neural processing can provide advanced capabilities in many areas.  We provide both application development services and access to HNeT technology through the HNet Application Development System. 

The application fields for holographic neural processing are as broad as those relevant to conventional neural networks or other machine learning methods.   However, our technology provides rapid convergence in highly complex non-linear domains, with dramatically increased speed in both learning and recall. These aspects assist a wide range of applications yet to be realized, using this powerful and largely untapped new technology field. Some examples of commercial application areas are listed below:

   Medical / Pharmaceutical Energy / Power Industry
   Microelectronics Transportation
   Financial / Insurance Mining / Metals
   Security/Defense Systems Forestry / Pulp and Paper
   Data Warehousing / Information Services    Agriculture / Food and Beverage
   Telecommunications Consumer Electronics / Household Products
   Education / Entertainment Aerospace

The following pages provide a brief summary of some of the areas in which HNeT has been applied.