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Pyramidal cells are distributed in the deeper cortical layers (IV to V).  These cells have relatively few dendritic processes, however contain a large number of dendritic spines covering the extent of these processes.  The apex of the dendritic arrangement is directed towards the cortical surface.  Dendrites from this cell synapse through more superficial layers (V to I) of the cerebral cortex.  Axons of the pyramidal course through corticospinal tracts to enervate motor neurons, and also form recurrent axon collaterals projecting upon neurons located in more superficial layers.  Pyramidal cells may receive up to 200,000 synaptic inputs.

Pyramidal cell
Pyramidal cells within HNeT perform the function of signal integration, realizing the holographic principle of commutativity.  The functional specificity of biological pyramidal cells is currently unknown.