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Quantum Information Processing (QIP) has formulated the epicycle model of computational science.
For the most concise description of the block sphere, in its representation of qubits at the polar limits of |0>, |1> click here.  What do these quantities represent...

From this point, the mathematics of QIP becomes considerably more abstract...
How does it solve problems...  What is being superimposed ?  Can it learn ?

HNeT provides a simpler but geometrically precise understanding of learning processes within the powerful domain of Hilbert space, and in software.  We do not require the advent of operational quantum computers, nor the theorized aspects of quantum entanglement to work and be physically accessible.

The boundaries for learning are clearly unrestricted, in both volume and dimension.
Perhaps HNeT is too simple, too exact,...  

HNeT technology has been applied across a range of applications fields.  Our recent focus has been object recognition, however other potential areas are summarized here.